Upgrading our Clinical System

Our Practice is one of nine in South Lincs Rural Primary Care Network (SLRPCN) and our PCN is one of only two in Lincolnshire with a mixed estate of clinical systems meaning that sharing of essential patient information is not always possible which can cause delays.

It has been agreed that we will all work towards adopting one system which will be SystemOne. Our Go Live’ date is Tuesday 23rd April 2024.

Why are we changing clinical systems?

Our current system is very slow and crashes on a regular basis. There has been little development in it in recent years and its functionality is lacking compared to the alternative.

In addition, we have to use multiple third-party systems to perform all necessary tasks and full integration with these is often a challenge.

What are the benefits of changing clinical systems?

  • Cohesive working – everything is in one place
  •  Fewer third-party systems required, less to go wrong – those which are required are fully integrated which means less time switching between applications
  • Better support and training available
  • Speed of operation
  •  Very stable platform with regular updates available to all
  •  Bulk signing of prescriptions by clinicians
  •  Much more built-in functionality
  •  Greater flexibility for users to configure their visibility on personal preferences
  •  Updates are regular and small
  •  Visibility of appointments that patients may have with external community services

What is the impact of changing clinical systems?

As this is a major change of software, there will be an impact on patients for a no. of weeks before and after our ‘go live’ date as we will be limited to what we can do during this time as we will have to re-enter onto our new system anything carried out during this time.

This will include:

  •  ‘routine’ blood tests being delayed for a no. of weeks (urgent blood tests can still take place)
  •  ‘routine’/non-urgent long-term health condition reviews being delayed for a no. of weeks
  • ‘routine’ medication reviews with our clinical pharmacist
  •  ‘routine’ vaccinations and smear tests being delayed for a no. of weeks.
  •  Online access for repeat prescriptions will be unavailable until we set you up on the new system

What this means to our Patients

1. Patients using online services will temporarily lose this facility so please ensure repeat medication is ordered early. We will automatically recreate you a new login on our new system and text you these details.

2. We will be providing patients with repeat medication for two months supply in March and April to ensure they do not run out of essential medication during this change-over period.

3. During our ‘cut-over’ period (Monday 15/04/24 - Friday 26/04/23) we will only be offering patients the following services:

- Essential/urgent appointments (including Treatment room services e.g. dressings) – no routine appointments will be available.